FFXIV: White Mage Accomplishments

FFXIV: White Mage Accomplishments

It seems that some folks in my FC were surprised to see me leveling my White Mage on Zuri this weekend. It’s no wonder, considering I usually main DPS and sometimes fiddle around with Tanking on the side. But the truth is, when I rolled Zuri over two years ago,...

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  • User AvatarAywren { I understand completely. But if you ever decide to venture... } – Nov 28, 2:06 AM
  • User AvatarWolfyseyes { Bit of a shame I can't bring myself to leave... } – Nov 26, 3:54 PM
  • AlmonihahAlmonihah { I really intend to catch up sometime, but... I keep... } – Nov 24, 6:21 PM
  • User AvatarParticlebit { Do you think this game is still solid in simply... } – Nov 23, 8:11 PM
  • User AvatarAywren { Thanks for the encouragement! It's a big shift in playstyle... } – Nov 21, 11:11 PM
  • User AvatarAywren { I'm glad to hear tanking has felt better for you,... } – Nov 21, 11:09 PM

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