Almonihah’s Game Review Grab Bag

Almonihah’s Game Review Grab Bag

With FFXIV and Heavensward being my ‘main’ games for the present time, I haven’t really sat down and played another game for a long stretch. Instead, I’ve been sampling here and there out of my Steam library. So let me share with you a bit of...


I got another letter from Zakhin’Dakh! FFXIV Zakhin’Dakh, to be clear.

Almonihah Gushes About His Characters: Sar’Tket

Almonihah Gushes About His Characters: Sar’Tket

As you may have noticed before, I like to talk about my characters. While I’ve talked a lot about Pathfinder characters, I have done other role-playing activities than Pathfinder. So let me tell you about Sar’Tket.

FFXIV: Midgardsormr

Our Free Company

Knights of Memory


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