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Updates every M/W/F! Full-color webcomic based loosely on the world of FFIV.

Dreigiau Fantasy Web Fiction
Updates every other Friday!

Runne Fantasy Fiction
On-going short segment format fantasy writing. Updates every other Friday.

Prequel to Dreigiau, the story of the founding of Nefol.

Shadows of Zot
The novelization of the webcomic “Shimmer.” Updates randomly.

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Random Aside: The Endless Legend Soundtrack is Amazing!

I was playing Endless Legend again recently–they released a new expansion for it, so I wanted to try out the new stuff–and was just noticing again that the soundtrack for the game is pretty awesome. It’s pretty quiet stuff, no Orchestral Bombing like... read more

Tales from Behind the Screen: Vikings and Ninja

Last time, I talked about the beginning of my modified Jade Regent Adventure Path campaign. At the end, the heroes discovered that one of their friends, the tavernkeeper Ameiko, was actually the last heiress of the empire of Minkai in northeastern Tian Xia. But Minkai... read more

Almonihah’s Unordered Set of Favorite Boss Music: Transistor

The sequel to the excellent Bastion, I was a bit more torn about Transistor. On the one hand, I felt the combat was a bit more interesting. On the other, I enjoyed the narrative game Bastion was playing more than the sword-narrator of Transistor. And the storyline was... read more