“A knight lives to serve─to aid those in need.” —Haurchefant

Stormblood Early AccessJune 16th, 2017
49 days to go.



Official News

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of Midgardsormr
 was founded May 1, 2014.

We are a casual, family-friendly FC working to create a low-stress environment where new players and experienced players can enjoy all that FFXIV has to offer together. We understand that people (and real life) come first, and skill is something learned.

We happily welcome folks of all levels and will do our best to assist members in obtaining in game goals. Feel free to play at your own pace, in the way you most enjoy – we’re here to have fun! Both adventurers and crafters are needed!

Before joining, please check out the FC Charter to better understand our rules and standards of conduct.

KoM News

Volunteers and Promotions

As I stated in a previous announcement, we’ve been working to reorganize our FC ranks and preparing to look for more folks who are willing to volunteer for positions. I wanted to take some time to recognize our newest FC volunteers from the past week.

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KoM Rank Readjustment

Did you know that in a few weeks, our FC will be celebrating our 3rd year anniversary? Yeah, it’s true! And in the midst of all this time, one thing that I felt needed some work and clarification is the FC ranks. This is especially true as we’ve grown much larger than we were at this time last year!

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Server Status