“A knight lives to serve─to aid those in need.” —Haurchefant

Stormblood Early AccessJune 16th, 2017
3 months to go.



Official News

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of Midgardsormr
 was founded May 1, 2014.

We are a casual, family-friendly FC working to create a low-stress environment where new players and experienced players can enjoy all that FFXIV has to offer together. We understand that people (and real life) come first, and skill is something learned.

We happily welcome folks of all levels and will do our best to assist members in obtaining in game goals. Feel free to play at your own pace, in the way you most enjoy – we’re here to have fun! Both adventurers and crafters are needed!

Before joining, please check out the FC Charter to better understand our rules and standards of conduct.

KoM News

KoM Treasure Hunt Success!

A HUGE congrats to both of our treasure hunting teams who made it to the 7th Chamber during our first ever Friday Aquapolis Treasure Hunt! I hope you all got great riches and nice drops!

Drop your thoughts in the comments below – let us know if you had fun and if we should do this some more! smile

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