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Nefol Trio

Heroes Aren’t Chosen, They’re Forged

ZenToYa is the chosen one.

He was raised from childhood as the Champion of the Star-Dragon, Zemi Dreigiau, who opened his mind to the forbidden knowledge of magic. However, nothing could prepare Zento for when he is sent to enlighten and unify the primitive clans of the Inner Realms.

He faces a harsh world of tradition and superstition, where people fear his strange powers rather than welcome him as the hero he thinks he is. Here, Zento befriends an unlikely companion, the stern Warleader JinRai.

…And Jin shows him that in order to teach the clan people, Zento must first come to understand them.

This is the story of Nefol.

Nefol is a direct prequel to the Dreigiau series, and a creation of two authors: Syntyche and Aywren. All art and writing belong to the authors. Please ask permission before taking or reproducing anything on these pages. Thank you! 

Originally Launched 4-1-15

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