Zento vs. Jin

Zento vs. Jin

icapmagine if you will that you have lived your whole life as part of a primitive, tribal culture in a harsh northern environment. Seasons require your clan to migrate just to survive. The ground is not welcoming to agriculture and a warlike tribe far to the north terrorizes the weaker clans through the use of dark, Ghost magics.

The idea of coming together to form a city has never even existed to your people.  The concept of permanent wood and stone structures built for defense against the Ghost Clan is so far from anyone’s mind.

Then, out of nowhere, a strange clanless young man appears, bringing with him magic – a power very different from the Ghost magics you’ve always feared, but fearful power just the same. He claims he is the chosen Champion of the Star Dragon Patron, who in legends of the past, has protected the people from southern enemies in the Spiral.

This man weaves visions of a city, a place that can protect against both enemy and harsh weather. He speaks of magics that he can teach and share with all, a power that lies hidden within each person. He reaches out for the support of clans, and at first, is repelled by those who still fear the magic and mistrust his motives. Even if this vision of a City could come true, that would require clans to relinquish their claims, put aside their traditions, and come together to make a different sort of community.

There was a lot of pushback on this idea. Things didn’t go as smoothly as was hoped. The young man had to prove himself as a warrior worthy of leading not just one clan, but all the clans he sought to bring together. And that can only be done by defeating the Ghost Clan utterly and completely…


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