Lore: The Vision of Nefol

magine if you will that you have lived your whole life as part of a primitive, tribal culture in a harsh northern environment. Seasons require your clan to migrate just to survive. The ground is not welcoming to agriculture and a warlike tribe far to the north...

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Lore: The Rai Guard

ometimes, when you're writing, new concepts introduce themselves out of nowhere. Often, if you're listening and paying attention hard enough, these ideas can be some of the best to explore. I'm doing that today, brainstorming about a new concept that came to me not...

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Lore: The Founders of Nefol

he city of Nefol was inspired by Zemi, but founded by three very unlikely friends. They all came from different clans and drastically different backgrounds, but proved that in coming together, they could create something massive and wonderful that no one in the Inner...

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Lore: The Last Dragon Clan

he Dragon-kin were once a dominant race of creatures who colonized many planets during the Time Before. They structured themselves in family/clan units, but were actually quite technologically advanced, even compared to other races at the time. Interestingly, the race...

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Lore: Dragon Soothers (Drei’distau)

s I worked through some ideas about AsaHi in the Dreigiau story, I spent a bit of time brainstorming about the Dragon Soothers (Drei’distau). What exactly can she do, and what are the origins of those abilities? Just like with many questions I can't fully answer in my...

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