Welcome to the cover page of a new webcomic experiment: Shadows of Zot.

The Long Story

I chose to release the first page today because on this day, back in 2004, I released the first pages of the comic Shimmer (which you can find fully archived here on this site). This is sorta a remake of Shimmer, but sorta it’s own thing, too.

I put Shimmer on hiatus at the end of Chapter 21. I’ve tried to revive it by reworking the art in the early chapters. Truth is, real life keeps me from having the time to support a second full color comic along side of Wayrift. So, I eventually had to make the hard choice to take a break on Shimmer.

But I never put the story down completely.

On June 19, 2014, I created a new site called Shadows of Zot where I took the Shimmer comic script, expanded on it, and turned it into fiction. You can find that archived on this site, too. While I actually have some writing I still haven’t released public, and I really enjoyed writing out the story and taking a deeper look, something in me keeps wanting to return Zot to its webcomic roots.

Last year, I started experimenting with traditional inking on the Nefol project. I feel like there’s a lot to develop in a more loose and sketchy style. However, when Syn and I decided to take Nefol and make it a game, I noted that I was thinking of reviving Zot as an inked-type project instead.

So here it is. Only… I decided to digitally ink in in Clip Studio instead. I picked up this program and really love how it feels as an inking tool (I can’t say that for many art programs).

Keep in mind, I don’t have time or resources to color this comic the way the old Shimmer comic was. I know that’s a bummer, but that’s the reality. I’ll also try to update weekly, but I’m not going to promise. So it’s a take it as it comes type project. Mostly, I want to do this because I still love the characters and think there’s a lot I can explore in this story still. Also, it’s good art practice.

As always, your thoughts and feedback are welcome!